Hire Professional Chat Agents

Aidah agents deliver more leads, more sales and happier customers. We'll be there for your customers, right when they need you the most - 24/7.

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Create a personal connection and drive more leads & sales with human agents

Just 0.50 cent/hr

Pay as little as 0.50 cent per hour for PRO, well trained agents. Our rates simply can’t be beat!.

Real humans

You may not like the concept of bots. We only hire real humans, trained to be customer service experts.

CRM Integrations

You have full access to chat history in real time, and performance of the agents on your dashboard.


We don’t ever close, which means your customers get great service, every single day of the year.

Benefits of hiring human chat Agents

Build Trust

Creating personal connection with your customers 24/7 increases trust.

Boost Sales

You will never lose a customer due to delayed response.

Reduce Cost

You are likely to spend more to hire in-house agent who might not be professional.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will always be happy with you and recommend you to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?

Prior to allocating Live Agents to your project, we undertake a full audit of your requirements & any systems or processes we need to put in place to ensure we best represent you and your company.

Why should I hire Aidah agents to answer chats from my website?

We are able to offer pricing as low as 0.5 cent an hour because one agent can answer several chats from multiple companies at the same time. This is what keeps our pricing so low. You are sharing the cost of hiring a live chat agent with other companies also using the service.

How do agents learn my business?

We study your website, ask you several questions to learn about your business and then your dedicated account manager trains our agents. If we find any questions we cannot answer, we call you to update our knowledge base , so we could answer that in the future.

What countries do you support??

All countries who need support in English.

What are the businesses you support?

We support all legit industries as long as we can deliver great customer support for your customers.

How many websites your shared agents handle at a time?

Since our prices are as low as 50 cents an hour, we train our agents to handle upto 6 live chats at a time without affecting the quality of our service.

Is there a setup fee? Are there any hidden costs?

There is absolutely no setup fees or any other hidden costs, what you see on our website is what you get.

How am I billed for leads? Is there a variable cost or fixed cost?

We do not bill you per lead, we bill fixed monthly irrespective of the lead or support chat we do on your behalf.