Respond to visitors automatically while away

Instantly resolve your customers’ most common questions with Aidah Bot 24/7.

Easy set-up | Try for free | No credit cards

Answer up to 80% of customer queries, instantly

Aidah chatbots work alongside your existing support team and use machine learning to interpret inquiries, answer customer questions and learn from new experiences

Import / Add FAQ

Add your existing Frequently Asked Questions or chat history.

Train your bot

Add at least 5 sample questions to train the bot. You can always update the data to continuously help the bot learn


Connect the Bot to your favorite channel, and it will answer common customer questions in minutes.

Automate resolutions 24/7 and accelerate your team's efficiency.

Use intelligent bots and powerful automation to provide instant answers to customers while freeing your team to focus on more productive tasks.

  • - Answer common questions instantly
  • - Help your team answer questions faster
  • - Auto-assign conversations


Smooth bot-to-human handover.

It is a known fact that chatbot is not 100% responsive. While a chatbot can handle most of the repetitive work such as Frequently Asked Questions, difficult task that require human intervention are catered by Aidah. We allow your agents to respond to your customers whenever the chatbot fails to respond


Use Triggers to target customers with perfect timing.

If a user is on a particular page of your website. Example:
You can trigger a custom message like;
'Want to know more about pricing? chat with sales team.

Need integrations? We’re built to fit your workflow.


Reply to Facebook messages in your team’s inbox


Track, engage and convert your online store’s visitors


Easily add livechat widget to your wordpress website


Get notifications and reply from slack.