Improve customer interaction & increase sales

Join more brands using Aidah Live chat to boost their customer engagement and increase your sales.

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Realtime customer support tool that helps you grow sales

Support Customers

Our intelligent bots help your team answer common questions instantly.

Automate conversation

Don't leave your customers waiting, respond instantly while away.

Engage customers

Be there for your customers always and make them happy always.

onboard Customers

Deliver faster, more personalized support with the power of live chat.

Aidah for Customer Support.

Manage all support related conversation from multiple channels such as Facebook messenger, Slack, Twitter(coming soon), Whatsapp(coming soon), Livechat etc on a single platform.

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Aidah for Sales

Use Aidah page triggers and chatbot to communicate faster so you don't lose out a potential customer. Businesses using Aidah have seen tremendous growth with sales

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Automate resolutions 24/7.

Use intelligent bots and powerful automation to provide instant answers to customers while freeing your team to focus on more productive tasks.

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Aidah for Startups

Acquire, onboard, engage and support your users to become real paying customers. Gather feedback and engage your customers in realtime.

Hire Chat Agents.

We provide experience customer service agents to handle all your customer conversation 24/7. With as little as 50-cent you can hire a chat agent so you don't lose any sales opportunity on your site.

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