Easily convert first time visitors into qualified leads

Get more leads, automate qualification and move deals through the pipeline faster than ever.

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Realtime customer support tool that helps you grow sales


Reach out and live chat with the best leads on your website.


Automate lead qualification with chatbots to find out who is ready to buy now.


Send the right leads to the right sales person instantly and close faster.


Now relax and see your customer base grow with little work.

Target customers with perfect timing.

If a user is on a particular page of your website. Example: www.aidah.chat/pricing.
You can trigger a custom message like;
'Want to know more about pricing? chat with sales team.


Guide customers through their purchase journey

Access and interact with customer screens in real time to assist with purchases. (coming soon)

Monitor the Customer Journey.

We alert you through the customer journey from just a vistor, when they become leads and when they finally signup to your app.


Need integrations? We’re built to fit your workflow.


Reply to Facebook messages in your team’s inbox


Track, engage and convert your online store’s visitors


Easily add livechat widget to your wordpress website


Get notifications and reply from slack.