Track each customer’s journey with detailed profiles

Aidah helps you capture crucial customer data and use it to optimize experience and conversion. With Aidah, you'll never miss a touchpoint again..

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Harness the power of your data to personalize customer communication and drive conversions.

Track and filter data

Track every interaction,actions between your customers and business representatives.

View customer profiles

See location, device, OS, browser,email,phone number etc of all your customers in real-time.

View live customer profile

Get a complete picture of every customer, including their location, device, activity, social profiles, and more



Track customer data & events

See who your customers are and what actions they do or don’t take in your app.

Need integrations? We’re built to fit your workflow.


Reply to Facebook messages in your team’s inbox


Track, engage and convert your online store’s visitors


Easily add livechat widget to your wordpress website


Get notifications and reply from slack.